Neutraceuticals can be defined as, "a food (or part of a food) that provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and/or treatment of a disease.

Our technology supports the extraction of minor and major clinically significant components from agriculture materials or wastes from fruits and vegetables processing plants; a few are carotenoids from vegetables, luteins from green vegetables, lycopene from tomato, catechins from green tea, flavonoids from citrus and fruits processing wastes like apple skin, grape skin and mango peel, bromelain from pine apple, Betalains from beet roots  etc.

The process of isolating Neutraceuticals involves pre processing (size reduction, filtration, separation) extraction, (separation, purification, isolation), concentration, purification and drying.

The processing shall be done by either Solid-Liquid extraction(SLE)  or Liquid-Liquid Extraction (LLE) or integration of both SLE and LLE ,depending upon the kind of raw material.


CGBS is engaged in the manufacturer of Nutraceuticals extraction Plants, Solvent Extraction Plant, Our advanced technology plant mainly designed for various raw materials.

Our process plants are designed in such a way that it gives a high recovery of nutraceuticals components using optimum solvents levels, lesser extraction time, lesser distillation and concentration time. We use multiple effect evaporative systems and molecular distillation units,  using a LOW TEMPERATURE SHORT CONTACT DISTILLATION PATH. Hence the phytonutrients produced are of having intact phytochemicals with high concentrations.

Our inhouse R&D department develops various extraction technologies and methods for producing highly bioavailable nutraceuticals/functional foods . Our R&D department supports the clients in the development of new process , existing process validation, pilot plant studies etc.

We support our clients with the operation manuals of the supplied plants, SOP’s and maintenance services. Also we impart training of the technical staffs of our clients during and after the commissioning of the plants.

We have a new technology for isolating highly bioavailable nutraceuticals from various herbs, vegetables, fruits and other agro based products.

We offer

a) Pilot scale to commercial plants.

b) Batch, semi continuous and fully continuous plants.

c) Manual, semi automatic and fully automatic (PLC-SCADA and DCS) plants.

The specialty of our equipments and Plant and machineries are:

a) All our equipments are made with pharma grade SS materials.

b) We provide Zero bacteria valves.

c) Our piping work conforms to food grade.

d) Our plants are always versatile in nature.

E) We provide all electrical items with FLP construction.

F) Our plants are integrated with efficient solvent recovery systems.

G) We provide skid mounted plant and machineries.

H) We also offer cGMP plants.

I) Our process technology involves low temperature short contact distillation path.

J) We offer pre processing equipments and post extraction equipments and technology.