Fruit and vegetables are processed primarily because of their nutritional values. The high antioxidants proportion, which is ascribed a prophylactic effect against cancer, vitamins content, and minerals content besides other essential nutrient contents, promises added value for health which is causing more and more consumers to reach for these life style products.

The processing involves extraction (maceration. Squeezing or pressing), clarification, evaporation (concentration), clarification (ultra filtration).

We offer

1) Pilot scale to commercial plants.

2) Batch, semi continuous and fully continuous plants.

3) Manual, semi automatic and fully automatic (PLC-SCADA and DCS) plants.

The specialty of our equipments and Plant and machineries are:

a) All our equipments are made with food grade SS materials.

b) We provide Zero bacteria valves.

c) Our piping work conforms to food grade.

d) Our plants are always versatile in nature.

E) Our plants are energy efficient.

F) We provide skid mounted plant and machineries.

G) We also offer cGMP plants.

H) Our process technology involves low temperature short contact distillation path.

I) We offer pre processing equipments and post extraction equipments and technology.